Ho! Ho! Ho!
Santa's on Ham Radio

Share the magic of Ham Radio and Santa Claus with your children, grandchildren, and neighborhood kids.

The Santa Net is held every evening between Thanksgiving and Christmas on 3.916 MHz at 7:15PM Central Time.

Santa Net 2019 Videos
Zoey wants a dinosaur! No request is too big for the big man. Such a great video. Zoey's contact starts around the 3 minute mark.
Joey KI5DDO, Cedar Park, Texas
Lilly contacts Santa all the way in the North Pole. She makes the good kid list year after year. Such excitment in the N9KDB shack tonight!
Eric N9KDB, Indianapolis, Indiana
Vivian is growing so big! Santa remembers her from last year. Here she is, back again in 2019, bringing smiles to the airwaves.
Matt K0VLL, Pittsburg, Kansas
Carl has been waiting all year to talk to Santa. Pokemon and Transformers - just the classics. Santa has him covered.
Ken KC3LZI, Kersey, Pennsylvania
Last year, Brad KC1JMH didn't have HF privileges, and Jordan could only listen to Santa. That night, Brad made it a goal to upgrade to General Class before Santa Net 2019. Well, sure enough, he upgraded and Jordan was able to talk to Santa this year. Thank you, Dad!
Brad KC1JMH, North Waterboro, Maine
Jax has been a good boy all year long, and now it's time to get on the radio and tell the old man all about it. Santa was so happy to hear from Jax!
William K4UOJ, Lucas, Kentucky
Oh, the excitement is contagious! Molly and Maddie talked with the Jolly Old Man up North!
Dan K9DJR, Chicago, Illinois
Gavin, Mackenzie, Grace and Aiden checked in. Santa has big plans for these good boys and girls!
Shane NG1D, Stark, New Hampshire
Someone made the Good List! Izzy talks with Santa in the North Pole!
Jim K5KTF, Leander, Texas